Just another reason to play it safe…

June 4, 2009

I remember a couple of weeks ago, right after the teeter-totter in the park was built, that a girl on a bike came cruising by Darrin and I and asked if you needed to wear a helmet to go over a teeter-totter. I quickly replied, you should have a helmet on whenever you ride in the park!

Listen kids, we all know that protective gear is there to help us out, and you may think that it is uncool to wear a helmet, but it just takes once, and you are a believer. If you are looking for a fly helmet that will totally make you look like a cool dude, check out these Pro-Tec Helmets or maybe try out the Giro Hex. I think this is the next helmet that I am going to buy.

Just got an email from Cougar with a few more tips. if you are looking for information about helmets, check out the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, a huge resource for information about bike helmets. If money is an issue, here is a site that offers $3 helmets and has free shipping. There is no reason anyone should be on a bike without a helmet.