New Trail Area

November 3, 2012

Not living in the state anymore, I have no details other then Cougar posted this video, and it is supposedly part of the XC race earlier this year. Looks like fun, I want to ride!

Freedom Riders Showing in Park City: June 20 & 21

June 15, 2009

As part of the Park City Film Series, Freedom Riders will be showing at the Jim Santy Auditorium (1255 Park Ave.) this weekend for two final Utah dates. Freedom Riders, from KGB Productions, tells the story of a group of rogue trail builders turned good guys as they forge a relationship with the National Forest to build some of the most progressive and sustainable freeride/DH trails around.

Hop on up to Park City and enjoy a showing to learn the story of the Teton Pass Freedom Riders. The film is superb and the story is a testament to the dedication and the spirit of cooperation when people of different mindsets get together for a common goal–sustainable mountain biking trails.

When: June 20 and 21

Where: Jim Santy Auditorium (1255 Park Ave in Park City)

Showtime: 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

Tickets: $10.00

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Just another reason to play it safe…

June 4, 2009

I remember a couple of weeks ago, right after the teeter-totter in the park was built, that a girl on a bike came cruising by Darrin and I and asked if you needed to wear a helmet to go over a teeter-totter. I quickly replied, you should have a helmet on whenever you ride in the park!

Listen kids, we all know that protective gear is there to help us out, and you may think that it is uncool to wear a helmet, but it just takes once, and you are a believer. If you are looking for a fly helmet that will totally make you look like a cool dude, check out these Pro-Tec Helmets or maybe try out the Giro Hex. I think this is the next helmet that I am going to buy.

Just got an email from Cougar with a few more tips. if you are looking for information about helmets, check out the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, a huge resource for information about bike helmets. If money is an issue, here is a site that offers $3 helmets and has free shipping. There is no reason anyone should be on a bike without a helmet.
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New Juniper Features

June 3, 2009

I have a short story to tell. So, please… Indulge me.

This last weekend, I was in California for a conference, and I missed the big grand opening. I sent my wife to win the bike frame, and whatever other goodies she could in my absence. I wanted to be there so bad, you have no idea. So, when I got back, I was dying to get up on the hill and try out some of the new features that were built. The first new obstacle was the ladder on the lower part of the Juniper trail.

Lower Juniper

Lower Juniper Ladder

This new feature offers two exits. The first on the left offers a small drop, and the second goes a little skinnier, and offers a larger drop.

Lower Juniper Drop

Upper Juniper
After completing the lower loop, and rounding out to the bottom, I header for the top again to see the new features on the upper part of the trail. The first new feature is a long teeter-totter.


Almost immediately, there is a new skinny feature that this humble bike would call the most advanced feature in the park. There is a small climb, and a quick left turn followed by another left turn through the trees on a footing that gets narrower the further you get down it.

Upper Skinny

Once you get to the end, you only have about eight inches of wood below you, and a quick drop that follows. My first time attempting, I bailed at the end, taking out the small tree to the left of the trail. Best of all, I bent up my front crank, and shattered the screen on my phone. $200 later, I have a new phone, and bike parts are bent back into shape! Time to ride again!

Biker falling off a bridge!

Thanks again to all the hustle that everyone put into building these great new features! They are a blast to ride, and add a lot of depth to the trail.

Some News Coverage

June 1, 2009

There was quite a bit of news coverage at the park this weekend from the grand opening. (I wish I could have been there…)

First off, Fox13


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Showerhammer is back…

May 30, 2009

Riding the Flintstone trail…

May Photos

May 28, 2009

It is fun to be up at the park and see all of the young rippers. Fun place too, because everyone is always friends. You see a dude on a bike at the park, it is likey that you are going to have some common interests. So, here are a few pictures from earlier this week.

Apologies to Darrin and Coug, the camera was at the bottom of the hill when five guys took the drop all in line…

The New Drop…

May 23, 2009

The new drop...
Looks like fun right?

Freedom Riders Showing in Salt Lake

May 22, 2009

This next Thursday, WAFTA is hosting a SLC movie premiere for Freedom Riders. Freedom Riders follows a core group of riders who evolved to creating a precedent setting relationship with the Forest Service and in doing so created the first freeride specific trails on public lands in the lower 48.

  • When: Thursday May 28, 7-9pm
  • Where: Brewviews – 761 South 200 West, Salt Lake City
  • What: Cool film, good eats, beverages, tons of swag including a frame from Ages 21+ only.
  • Cost: $10 at the door, includes raffle ticket
  • Show Times: 7pm and 9pm

Freedom Riders

The trailer looks great, I can’t wait to see it. If you want to carpool up, let me know.

Freedom Riders Showing in Salt Lake – .

The New Teeter-Totter

May 14, 2009

Just got back from the Mountain Ranch Bike Park where the new teeter-totter was built. Kalin Norman was the first to try out the new feature. Come on out on Saturday and do some building and try out the new features. As an extra incentive, tickets for the bike frame raffle, and other parts and tools too.

The Eagle Mountain Teeter-Totter from Jake Spurlock on Vimeo.

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