The Downhill Trails

May 12, 2009

So, as I alluded to in the forum, and a few of you on the hill, I have been dying to find the elusive trails that lie in the hills above Eagle Mountain. I have driven the Jeep all over the place looking for ladders, bridges, drops, and jumps that would be hiding in the junipers. Heck, I even resorted to using Google Maps to search the hillsides looking for single track.

So, I was excited the other day to almost stumble onto the trail. I even shot some video too…

Digging Opportunities

May 9, 2009

Wanted to get a quick post up about some digging opprtunites that are coming up, as well as a reason to show up…

  • Thursday Night 6-8pm. Some people haven’t been able to make it to Sautrday digs, so Thursday night should be open to everyone. It you can make it, come down, bring a drink, and let’s get some stuff built. The teeter-totter has a foundation now, and could probably be finished. Who wants to ride it first?
  • Saturday Mornings 9-12. More of the same, but a great time to get out of chores at the house, and build something cool. Make sure to bring water, it is going to be getting warm.

Now, in addiotion to building some cool freature at an amaxing park that you can play on, the reason to build has gotten even better. Giant Bicycles and Epic Biking have put together a raffle for all of those people that have helped in the building of the bike park. And what are the prizes you ask? How about a brand new Giant dirt jumping frame!
In addition to the frame, there will be tools, parts, and lots of other goodies to be handed out, but there is one small catch. You have to be around on May 30th, at the grand opening to collect. The more often you come and dig at the park, there more likely you are to win. So, why not come Thursday and Saturday!

The Juniper Drop

April 28, 2009

Finally got up to the park this afternoon to do some riding. I was swamped all last week and needed to get some riding in. Ran into Zack from the city, Kalin Norman who I helped build this feature a couple of weeks ago. Love this bike park, what a fun place.

Josh Ragsdale - Mountain Ranch Bike Park - Juniper Trail

Kalin Norman - Mountain Ranch Bike Park - Eagle Mountain Utah

Josh and I went for a walk…

April 27, 2009

And wound up here…

April 21st Updates

April 21, 2009

When I was up digging on Saturday I forgot to get some pictures, so I ran up there las night and got a few pictures of the new features with my phone. (Not nearly as nice, but hey better then nothing right!)

Little Ladder Bridge

This is the new ladder bridge that was built over the weekend. Not far from the others near the bottom of the park.

Trials Features

Continuation of the ladder line in the playground area.

Have you been up and played in the new features? Why don’t you come out this Saturday and help build some more fun things to play on.


April 19, 2009

I told Justin that I had some cool pictures of him, so here we go…





April Pictures

April 17, 2009

dsc_0386-copyWell, I spent three days last weekend up at the park just having a great time pedaling around. With the addition of the ladders up on the Juniper trail, and the flowy lines of the downhill trail, it was just a blast to be up there riding. Here are a few pictures of some friends riding.

Do you have any fun pictures that you want to share? We are going to be opening the blog to whoever wants to add content, and there is always the forum where you can add content too. If you would like to add content here to the blog, click on the register button on the right, or feel free to click here.

December Work Party

December 3, 2008

Thanks to all of you who have worked so diligently on the bike park. With the favorable weather we have been enjoying things are beginning to take shape. We are planning a work party for Saturday, December 6th from 12-4. If you are available during any of these hours, then please grab a friend and make it out.

I’ve posted some pictures below of the work thus far! Thanks again for all of your dedication in getting this project off the ground.

Juniper Trail Ladder Drop

Slopestyle Trail Jumps

Skills Area

Skills Area Ladder Bridges

Pump Track

Skills Area Ladder Bridges

Juniper Trail Filter

Slopestyle Trail Berms

Closed During Construction

Park Update

November 12, 2008

Some good progress was made last week in the skills area of the park. Three long ladder bridges are all but complete. A smaller bridge marking the Juniper Trail trailhead was also completed and a new section of singletrack was partially completed. This week we are planning on building several wood jumps in the skills area and also at the bottom of the Juniper Trail. We would also like to shape and pack the pump track while the dirt is most.

Work on the remainder of the park has been slow. We have not had much luck with the heavy machinery. Darin has been working the phone diligently trying to get the bulldozer work on the slopestyle trail complete so that the loader can begin placing dirt for berms and jumps. It seems that we are low on their list or priorities. They have assured us that things will get done this week, but we’ve heard that before.

The bobcat operator who will be shaping the jump line, and working the slopestyle and intermediate trails once the bulldozer work is complete, is out of town for several weeks.

David Dresen has done the graphics for park signage and we have submitted the kiosk signs for city approval.

This is a huge project and we need all of your help. We need everyone to help out on Saturdays when they can. We also need help cutting wood for the ladder bridges at night during the week. Please be assertive in helping get the park built.

For those that are having difficulty grasping the vision of the park, especially the wide, machinery-cut trails and the pump track, please watch the following videos:

Idaho Velodrome and Cycling Park

Stowe Pump Track

We did receive a nice write-up in the Provo Daily Herald. Check it out if you have not done so already.

Finally, please spread the word and invite your friends to come help out. Let’s keep the momentum we have gained and do all we can before the snow arrives.



Thank You

October 31, 2008

We had a great turn out last Saturday with over 30 people digging in. Thank you all for your time and effort. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay long, and with Darin on the bobcat most of the morning, we did a poor job organizing the labor force. It is clear that we will need to be more organized in the future and delegate responsibilities, including assigning project leaders to manage specific assignments. Please consider which projects you can organize and oversee.

We will be working on the park again this Saturday from 8:30 until 11:00. Please come help out if you can. Darin cut much of the lumber for the skills area ladder bridges last night. So we will need a few cordless power tools if you have them. We will also have another dozen McLeod hoes on hand. We are planning a ride at 11:00 on the existing downhill trails east and south of the park. There are some new ladder bridges and jumps that have greatly improved the trails, so plan on having some fun when the work is done.

Remember, this is a park for mountain bikers built by mountain bikers. Although Eagle Mountain City and The Ranches HOA have generously supported park construction financially, it is all of our volunteer labor that will get it built. Please spread the word and invite your friends to help out.


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