Thank You

We had a great turn out last Saturday with over 30 people digging in. Thank you all for your time and effort. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay long, and with Darin on the bobcat most of the morning, we did a poor job organizing the labor force. It is clear that we will need to be more organized in the future and delegate responsibilities, including assigning project leaders to manage specific assignments. Please consider which projects you can organize and oversee.

We will be working on the park again this Saturday from 8:30 until 11:00. Please come help out if you can. Darin cut much of the lumber for the skills area ladder bridges last night. So we will need a few cordless power tools if you have them. We will also have another dozen McLeod hoes on hand. We are planning a ride at 11:00 on the existing downhill trails east and south of the park. There are some new ladder bridges and jumps that have greatly improved the trails, so plan on having some fun when the work is done.

Remember, this is a park for mountain bikers built by mountain bikers. Although Eagle Mountain City and The Ranches HOA have generously supported park construction financially, it is all of our volunteer labor that will get it built. Please spread the word and invite your friends to help out.


Published by Jake Spurlock

Technical Account Manager on the VIP Enterprise Team

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