The New Teeter-Totter

Just got back from the Mountain Ranch Bike Park where the new teeter-totter was built. Kalin Norman was the first to try out the new feature. Come on out on Saturday and do some building and try out the new features. As an extra incentive, tickets for the bike frame raffle, and other parts and tools too.

The Eagle Mountain Teeter-Totter from Jake Spurlock on Vimeo.

Published by Jake Spurlock

Technical Account Manager on the VIP Enterprise Team

5 thoughts on “The New Teeter-Totter

  1. Is this bike park made for 7 year olds? I am sick of watching all your kook videos. This place is going to be lame until it gets some solid jumps and stuff you can rail. As it stands now, its a joke and for just beginners.


    1. Beenee, why don’t you come down and dig something that you like then? There are all kinds of sick spots to hit, I make videos of people having fun, and enjoying the park. If this isn’t a solid jump, I don’t know what is. Or this. Or maybe these features aren’t big enough. It is easy to complain at 2:13 in the morning, but really come on out and build something you can be proud of. If you don’t, don’t complain. And don’t come back!



  2. beenee, sorry but I am not 7 YEARS OLD! If you want a better trail then go to the downhill one he has a video of…… Take Jake’s advice, if you want something bigger then come and build it… There is stuff here for beginners, moderate, really good, and last but not least at all PRO riders. Get away from your computer and GO RIDE


  3. Jake, did you have to post the first part? Lol I look retarded. Oh well nothing to do about it now. That teeter-totter is addicting. I love it


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